Wedding plannin’

Sorry fokes, been busy. Children and a wedding to plan. Brother in law is getting married. Yup got himself a latina woman apparently. So there’s a lot of stuff going on.

All I did was walk around my old township.. Mum had the children and she’s very happy to spend time with them. I went into a shebeen and met a cousin and a couple of prostitutes. Always kinda fun to hang with. Prostitutes that is. Showed me a trick, sucking off a beer bottle and making it ‘cum’. Apparently customers likes that lol.

Oh my brother is showing husband his new car so they are driving around fast some were.

Lil Sean Paul

Lol I bought Erik a bandana yesterday. He really looks like a mini Sean Paul.

We’re fine. We’re having a blast! in two weeks the twins and daddy are going to go to Kruger’s park and look at the animals. They are going to have a blast! Hopefully, Birgitta is going to see her favourite animal the ostrich. Hopefully Erik wont see his, snakes.

Hey foos! Since you’re from the region.. I can only make out like every fifth word in this song. Do all people speak as like his lol. Oh I figured out what bumper is.

Well we had a few little flags and I made mother-in-law Swedish meatballs 🙂


Getting ready for friday. Gonna take our flight then. Got a nice house with a heated pool in a nice gated community. Going to be so much fun seeing everyone again and everyone meeting our newest bundle of joy. Oh I know I haven’t been active on the blog that much lately but you know the babies, husband and our summer cottage takes up time. But I’m getting the hang of this thing of coaching children so they get a head start in life. Good luck finding as smart children as mine. Already speaks two languages and plays the piano.


Side note. Why do parents allow their 14-16 year olds to have Facebook?

Facebook don’t bring anything good except if you want to check up on the latest events.


Good people

I like watching clips like this. My boys will be the ones stopping to help old ladies across the street. Wow at that lady making the sign of the cross before trying to cross the street.

Booty Jam!

Speaking about Booty!

Lol I kinda dig this song. It’s so early 90s 🙂

Edit; That’s the “Stuff white girls say to black girls” girl.