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I think Sweden needs more women like her, take personal responsibility of ones life. Like it or not everyone here have a chance in life to a good life. What you do with the chances you are give is a whole other story. There’s too much whining about give me this and give me that.  Give me more handouts for nothing.

I never get those who don’t care that they are burden or a leech. And there’s a lot of them around.

Apparently there’s a lot of hate for her in America because she’s Haitian.. And African-Americans don’t like that.

Oh and look at her beautiful family. She’s a super mom. Doing it all with a family.


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White women yoooooh… Mother of six no less, What a fool.

Seriously this is the funniest thing I’ve read in a week. She cheats on her rich husband with a gambian garden boy. And now, I’m thinking she regrets marrying the garden boy.

Ok you guys who know African men, how many of you thinks he only wants a visa?
You got to love this comment “He tells me I’m beautiful, and that he loves me every day.” ….. ?? You mean that’s All it takes?! .. Geez, I been doin it All Wrong !”

Seriously when white women do stuff like this… it’s like a accident. You can’t look away.

Now who wants to bet that he leaves her with a baby (if she can carry one) after a week after he got his visa?  I got 100 kr.

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Well maybe you guys have heard. This have been long time coming. 34 men killed by the police, good men who worked very hard to feed their family and just wanted a pay raise.

I can relate to the victim’s family since I got family who have worked as well in mines.

I’ll simply say this. Prosecute all the police who could not handle protesters or at least fire them. Give the miners fair pay. And it’s time for a new government who has the people’s interest at heart.

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Negro please

Can someone get these negroes away from me?!

Today this ashy negro, Have you not heard of lotion?! Seriously! Lotion!

Anyway this Ashy Venda came forward to me said something like Hey sisi, how about I get your phone number?! I’m like no thank you. I’m married. And this negro followed me around the mall until I came to my husband who was looking at a new shirt. And then this ignorant negro said some thing like ya neh prostitute!
Seriously you stalk me around for like 10 minutes, see my husband who is white and calls me a prostitute. Yeah. A real charmer.

Oh I know we got our fair share of negroes in Sweden who hits on me, don’t matter if I got my children with me or I’m flashing my ring. These negroes will still come up to me asking what I’m doing, where I’m living what country I’m from. Most of them are from Gambia for some reason. And what’s with these men. I think I know two Gambian men with jobs. One that professional whiner at the local högskola (community college). And another one is a train director that usually takes us to our summer-house. They should really focus on not selling heroin, but getting jobs. Don’t bother me please. I’m not bothering anyone. If you wanna street harass someone please do it to the Arab Muslims. I’m sure their men like it when a black man hits on their precious women. Especially if you try to get them to cheat on their husbands. Or find a mulatto with a black dad, they always seems to fall into whatever bed desperate for male attention. I know your tricks and they won’t work on me.

Oh I’m not excusing other men as well. In spain and Italy I would be presumed to be a prostitute and in the middle east I’ll simply be raped or sold into sex slavery. But still. It annoys me. Stop it.

Other than that I’m fine.

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Phelps Slayer!

Go KwaZulu-Natal!

We are bringing it really. We got 2 gold for MY province! Chad Le Clos crushed Phelps in 200 swimming and got a heroes welcome at the air port.. I love how diverse the crowed was. And indeed South Africa is a winning nation.

I’m fine. I’m having a blast here in South Africa. Really. I was just what I needed. I’m relaxing and doing fun stuff. And the children loves it here. Sorry I’m bad with the pictures but I forgot the iphone usb cable at home..

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I protect my family.

I got this kind of gun in my purse right now. A Vektor SP1.

I know I know, People living in Sweden who are reading are in shock. Gangsters and thugs in my country are the real deal. There’s no gangster rappers here because the gangsters are busy doing crime.

I just want to make it clear that if a thug tries to do something to me, rape me, hijack me or my children. I’ll pull it out and shoot his head off. I’m not going to be a statistic like my cousin who was hijacked and had her lifeless body dumped in a ditch for her old beat up car which she saved many years for.

No I’m not a willing victim and I won’t let politicians force me to become one.  They don’t live in the real world, they have 10 bodyguards all around them at all times. But hey, I’m reasonable. Make this country crime free and I’ll stop carry it or just give me my own escort of highly trained bodyguards.

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We’re in KwaMashu, South Africa at my brother house now. I love how well my brothers and husband gets along. Like last time they went hunting and to the rifle range.. Mans stuff lol. Oh I’m getting so many compliments about my baby boy. How cute he is and how well-behaved all three of them are. Also that they speak a isiZulu so good. I’ve yet to meet mum thought. And Gogo (grandmother). But they are coming over this evening and we women are making a big dinner. Yeah here we women make dinner while the men sit and drink beer and whatnot lol.

And since I’m back in the hood… OH yeah a real hood lol. Guns and whatnot.

OHhhhhhhhhhhhhh isn’t this a hood mess? Who would name their first born baby Blue Ivy…

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