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Ok this is funny!

hahaha.. It’s ok. As long as they don’t do crime! If they do then deport them! (newely arrived that is not ppl who has been born here).

kwakwakwa.. And of course… YOU NIGERIANS!


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Unless it’s church business, I’m not interested in it lol.

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But I did not know she was a slum lord thought.

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I lived here before!

This documentary makes it look.. so Ghetto lol. ‘Survive the hillbrow’ … Yeah well. Stick your head down and you’ll be fine.

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Word, ya nah mean? Ya know, that readin’ shit, ya nah mean? It’s hard son. Word, ya nah mean? Word, ya nah mean especially when them books be, ya nah mean, you know real thick and heavy like, ya nah mean? Word, ya nah mean?

– Drake and every other fool young women here seems to like.


It’s very important for me that my children grows up to be productive and good husbands and wives. I know it’s hard in Sweden, but I’m going to instil some of the good aspects of my culture. It’s hard enough being mixed, especially a lady mulatto. You got to keep all those losers away from your daughter. The west african colour struck fools, the greasy Arab in Malmö that wants her for sex. Heck all the men who wants her for sex.  But then again she has what most mixed children don’t have. She has a supportive and good family unit to lean back on. She don’t need to go out and look for a father figure like so many other children have to do.

Well I got some thing in my back pocket that most don’t have to help them raise their children.. I got all girl boarding schools. If the boys don’t seems to be able to keep their hands off, I’ll send her to that. It’s for the best. Focus on school and sports under the strict supervision of the house mothers. Really African bording schools are good places. A lot of my family has gone to them.

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Bild regn.

I told y’all I’ll do it. I’m super mama.

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Den typiska Invandraren

Haha dom är ju roliga.. För dom är sanna? Ska se om jag hitta typiska svensken 🙂

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I found this on another site through a facebook link. I know that not crying thing he talks about. My brother when he lost his wife and one of his children he did not show any emotions at all.

And I agree with Gina, he probably partook in the rape of that mentally challenged woman and just forgot about it.

This is one of the reasons I can’t be a feminist. Cause feminism ain’t tailored for women like me, and scraps women like me have gained from the feminism movement has been accidental. We have to do our own shit.

Swedish women don’t know how lucky they are that they have men who can show emotions. Well I got one too, and he cried when he held his latest son in his hands and I’m very happy about that.

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