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I kinda dig it. Apparently she (The mulatto woman) fucked the king.


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Darkie and Antisemite?

This Danny Saucedo and Gina Dirawi.. Seriously?

This is turning into a meldifestival of hate. I’m not watching it. First we got Gina and her anti jewish comments that just seems to be pouring out every chance she gets and then we got this other guy who keeps refering to black people as Darkies. Ugh.

Nice job Sweden. That does not turn me off at all. Especially when no one seems to care.

But when SD does the same thing all the suddenly its super bad.

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I don’t get it why people are surprised. This whole anti-Israel movement is based on anti-semitism. There’s no getting away from it.

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I know a few kids around here that needs their ass checked. He doesn’t know it but his uncle is doing him a big favour by whooping his ass.

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That’s one cute child.

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LOL Megan Vaughn.

I went to the weird place of youtube again. She’s like a silly barbie, but still. She got a point. Ain’t messing with no broke.. Do your thing girl. Ain’t mad at you for doing your own hustle. Still I would not let a woman like this come near my boys.

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Well congratulation Tamera.

Apparently everyone’s favourite mulatto Tamera had her baby.

Oh speaking of mulatto. Me and a friend was outlast night. Well we had to check this band out. We felt old. But that did not stop the boys from hitting on us, black don’t crack. Kinda nice thought that there will be so many more mulatto children in the future. I swear I saw like 6 black girls in that place and non had a black boyfriend with them only Swedish dudes. ¬†again that was a classy establishment and almost no Arab. Seriously you can measure an establishment in Sweden by how few Arab men there are in it. The fewer the better, Because just because there’s Arab men doesn’t mean that there’s Arab girls. Maybe one or two per 30-40 man. It wouldn’t be bad if there were equal. Actually I don’t like men who won’t let my brothers date their women.

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