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Hubby is a poet. Christmas!

Hubby did the cutest thing. he wrote a little poem for the girl, about how much he loves her <3. I don’t think she cared that much as she cared about the doll house she got. She sure is spoiled.

Oh yeah we did our special fusion of swedish christmas and african christmas. I did my special Christmas fish. always a hit.

If you don’t eat it I’ll quote a special resident of my Swedish home town. Jag klippa din tong och ta din efternamn!

Luckily everyone loves my food. I’m a real woman making real food other women wish they could make.

It’s nice having a brother-in-law that’s a successful dentist, you can always tell him to take a look at the teeth of your children to see that they look good lol. Christmas eve he had Erik in his knee looking around in his mouth lol. But that’s ok he loves children and the children loves him. They built a snow man.  He’s still single. I set him up with a Ugandan woman I know, but he though her incredible boring that just did whatever he wanted to do. No more blind dates.

Oh yeah Erik got Husbands old hobbit and lord of the ring books he got as a child. He’s a big nerd husband before it was cool to be a nerd.


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Never eating halal meat.

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Busy busy..

I’m keeping busy. It’s Christmas time, my favourite time of the year. The decorations and presents are just lovely.

I haven’t even been that much on the computer. I did call mum today, it’s Sunday and that means that I have to make my Sunday call to mum. Lovely mum who walks miles to my brother’s house and sits by the phone until I call.

We’re spending Christmas in the country at my husbands parents home. The children loves their grandparents and playing in the snow. Lets hope for some more snow!


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You know, when I was little I used to sing a lot at church. I sang in a choir. And I do have a good singing voice.

But from church music to Kwaito music is a big step!

I used to want to be a Kawito star. Singing and making my own music. But you know. I don’t really have the personality to live up as a Kwaito star, having sex with lots of men. Doing hard drugs and whatnot.

Silly dreams I know.

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Jag skiter i Amerika ^_^

Just so everyone knows that not everyone wants to live in America. Saw this on TV.

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Even though I don’t like it, The white feminist power structure is kinda funny sometimes.



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