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I don’t like this.



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Off to London.

Just wanted to say that tomorrow I will be going to London for some spa and shopping with a friend. Husband will be home and taking care of the children.  Be back on Tuesday.

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Now I miss south africa.. Oh Summer can’t come soon enough.




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Seriously this is my favourite one. I just thing it’s so pretty and nice. Poor Maya Rudolph, lost her mom so early. It’s a poor substitute for a mother but at least she had a song like this.

And look at her hair. So beautiful! One should have more flowers on my head.

Maya Maya Maya..

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african kids

“He talked back so mum sent him to 3 years of boarding school in the veld.”

I find this one to be hilarious!

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Tomorrow there’s a couples dinner we’re invited to.. Today the kids were at their piano lessons.

So the scheduled is kinda full as usual. Play dates, reading and counting lessons for the kids and whatnot. Do anyone know what age kids can start playing football? I think husband wants the boy to play. Seriously these are going to be the best-est brightest and most talented kids ever. I could totally see Erik as the first mixed prime minister of Sweden 🙂

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