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Party time.

Well so so, I’m invited to a Gambian independence party on Friday. It’s weird. You get invited to all african nations independence parties if you’re african here. I’ve gone to more independence parties than I’ve gone to in Africa. It’s almost to make up for a fact that they have abandon their countries they keep throwing these big parties whenever they have a chance. I’ve even been invited to south african freedom party and I was like the only south african there. It was a bit weird.

I guess it’s also to make sure that their kids who are not african, you have to actually been born and raised in Africa to be african, not forget that they are “african”. It’s a bit of a mess really.

Oh lord save me from the white women that goes to these parties. They scare me. Afrika tanter på friskis och svettis kolonial zumba gympa.


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hahah Nigerian cheaters.

What is the mean of this-ooo

Well she got her african prince.

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You’ll die from radioactive poisoning.



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Oh Mia Love.


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Just because I love my readers here’s a funny 🙂

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Ostrich chicks

Oh we had so much fun watching the new BBC Africa wildlife show today. The child was really riled up about the animals. Birgitta just said ‘look mama look mama chickens!’ at the ostrich chicks lol. They are quite psyched now to go and visit gogo so we can see them in Kruger. I liked those golden catfish. And that spider that made itself into a wheel as pretty cool. Very much recommended to see with your children and it looks quite nice in HD quality. Oh and it’s narrated by David Attenborough. Oh yes it affirms my belief that southern Africa is the best Africa 😉

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I want a gun.

Well maybe it’s for the best that I don’t carry one with my temper.  But it would be nice to have one and I’m quite jealous of you Americans that you are allowed to carry. You should protect your right to stand your ground and shot a criminal dead if needed. I think most black women should carry because of increased risk of being assaulted. Seriously I could use one here just to make myself feel more secure. I don’t like how some gangs of men look at me.

Today at the damn playground I got into an altercation with a woman there. I did not start it though, but I put it her in her place. Lol not fists or anything like that just words not even raised words just calm ones. The woman thought me and my children took up too much space and I said there are plenty of space for everyone. And it kind of went from there. Sigh. I do have a hard time backing down I admit it. But I hate it when people look at me like I don’t belong or wonder what I’m doing here. And people don’t *Win* over me often. I like to think myself a though girl, Kasi girl from KwaMashu. Lived in Hillbow. I’m straight up tsotsi yo and some soft westerner ain’t going to put me down.

Hah. This summer I’m going to freak out my neighbour. Cranky old swede who thought the neighbourhood went to hell when I moved here and now negers are going to move in everywhere, he was only half right though. Mulatto’s. But I won him over with my charm. Gonna borrow husbands car though and take off the hardtop to and blast some DMX – X gon give it to yo driving into our garage.  Or some song that is so ‘black’ that the speakers get stolen. Just to annoy him ha.

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