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lol Hillbrow and Nigerians. Good times good times.


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It’s annoying that I have to go to another country to get QUALITY goat meat for my zulu stew.

Oh yeah I’m cooking this years Easter dinner. Husbands parents are on vacation in Spain, so It’s on me to do a decent Easter dinner, but never fear I’m as you well know a great cook.

But I’m a little bit apprehended doing the turkey since I’ve never done one before. But I’m sure it will be fine.  Well I’ll get the reviews on sunday. A wife’s duties are never done.

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New levels of racism people. New levels.

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The blog is growing (for some unknown reason) I keep getting more and more hits and I barely have time to post new things lol except stupid short video posts.

What’s going on with me? Well the usual stuff. pregnancy, babies and whatnot. Coming any day now.

Anyway hows my peeps in Africa doing? I see you lol. Tons of hits in Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya 🙂

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Even big white women. I like her kicks.

If there’s one song white people love it’s this one.

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You really think this would get over well on the internet?

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Racist Field Trip

lol – 20 lil nigglets.

Seriously this is some funny stuff. I’m just entertained by the story.

Vanissa kolla mellanrummet mellan framtänderna 😛

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