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Just a special post for one commenter 😉

Lol at writing an essay worth of hate. I take criticism fine. I just hate it when first time posters tries to hate.


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House huntin’

It’s fun. Looking for a 2 bedroom apartment/house in Durban with kitchen for the family. It’s much cheaper to rent an apartment if you going to stay there for months.

Then you send your brother to inspect the place. Durban and Cape town got some awesome places.

I’ll have to admit I tend to have a tendency to flaunt that we’re well off when we’re down there. Lots of haters I love to show up.

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Being Mandela

First, they act like visitors when they come to South Africa. They gave up their cultural heritage when they moved to America to try and become black Americans.

Secondly they are not really Mandelas they are Dlamini and should crawl back to Swaziland. Finish and Klaar.

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Whores Glory

So husband and I saw this documentary last night and it pretty much confirms what I know about prostitutes (I’ve got cousins.. I’ve got A LOT of cousins of all kinds) from back home. They are lazy women, because the job they do is easy and the work is fast and the money is good. Heck I could have become one if my morals was bad. But I’m not one to say that what they do is wrong because it’s between two consenting adults, I’m not a swedish woman trying to control what grown people do.

There are always other ways to make money. And the prostitutes are not as innocent as some thinks.

And lol at those Asian women saying Malaysian men are bad, Indian men smells and african men got big cocks and they are all sadists.

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Awesome! Awesome!

Lol at the AMERICANS getting pissed at them. Seriously. Americans getting pissed at the notion of gay Africans and ‘ruining black culture’.

I guess it’s true what they say. Haters are going to hate.

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Seriously this is how I see the future.

*Daughters goes to dad because they want something and know that he can’t say no to them*

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddy we want this new phone!

Now now I really have to put down my foot on this. No phones!

But Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad we love you! *Blinks their big eyes at him*

Oh no.. Oh Alright. Daddy loves you.

*the girls kisses their dad*

Seriously these children are going to be the most spoiled biracial children in Sweden.

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This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in months. Can you believe that young (Black and mixed) girls here think they are classy and role models? Well it’s better than having Rihanna as a role model.

Wow these women really sound like the white people in gone with the wind.

Oh yeah. I’ve gots to start snapping my fingers in the air and waving my finger in the air like Kenya does. Looks so much fun.

Love it when that dog says. *we’re having fun right?* 🙂

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