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Getting ready for friday. Gonna take our flight then. Got a nice house with a heated pool in a nice gated community. Going to be so much fun seeing everyone again and everyone meeting our newest bundle of joy. Oh I know I haven’t been active on the blog that much lately but you know the babies, husband and our summer cottage takes up time. But I’m getting the hang of this thing of coaching children so they get a head start in life. Good luck finding as smart children as mine. Already speaks two languages and plays the piano.


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Side note. Why do parents allow their 14-16 year olds to have Facebook?

Facebook don’t bring anything good except if you want to check up on the latest events.


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Good people

I like watching clips like this. My boys will be the ones stopping to help old ladies across the street. Wow at that lady making the sign of the cross before trying to cross the street.

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Booty Jam!

Speaking about Booty!

Lol I kinda dig this song. It’s so early 90s 🙂

Edit; That’s the “Stuff white girls say to black girls” girl.

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Big booty woman or whatnot. Seriously Husband remarked today that I’ve started to look like a hiphop model. But he did it with a smile and a glint in his eye so I don’t mind. Last baby really put weight on me. Oh I’ve notice. I’ve gone up in jeans sizes and my bra size has increased. I put on weight good though. Not going to lighten my skin though.

I’m taking things lightly, since well. I’m not about to get fat. I’m going to hit the gym.

Haha just wait, when husband and I are going out tomorrow, y’all see me shaking that thing for all it’s worth. Much easier when you’re not pregnant. Wouldn’t be surprised if men came up and started making it rain on my butt like crazy Rihanna.

Maybe ask the DJ to put on this? lol. Oh I know I know that is about as sexist as a song comes.

I’m expecting to be hit on by black guys a lot more now. We will see when we go out.

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