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All I did was walk around my old township.. Mum had the children and she’s very happy to spend time with them. I went into a shebeen and met a cousin and a couple of prostitutes. Always kinda fun to hang with. Prostitutes that is. Showed me a trick, sucking off a beer bottle and making it ‘cum’. Apparently customers likes that lol.

Oh my brother is showing husband his new car so they are driving around fast some were.


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Lil Sean Paul

Lol I bought Erik a bandana yesterday. He really looks like a mini Sean Paul.

We’re fine. We’re having a blast! in two weeks the twins and daddy are going to go to Kruger’s park and look at the animals. They are going to have a blast! Hopefully, Birgitta is going to see her favourite animal the ostrich. Hopefully Erik wont see his, snakes.

Hey foos! Since you’re from the region.. I can only make out like every fifth word in this song. Do all people speak as like his lol. Oh I figured out what bumper is.

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Well we had a few little flags and I made mother-in-law Swedish meatballs 🙂

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